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About us

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Our Story

iDrive4×4 is a Dutch adventure travel company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands founded by Rob van Klingeren and Peter Scholten.


Our passion for exploring the desert and the vast nature with Jeeps equipped with rooftents in UAE and Oman led to the idea of starting a business that would allow us to share our experiences with others.


After many campfire conversations, we finally made a business plan and decided to rent camping equipment and 4x4s to clients with Google Maps routes to guide them.


Since opening for business in 2017, iDrive 4×4 has grown rapidly, despite the pandemic. We now have over 75 rooftents and related equipment operating in Oman, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya.


Our ambition is to offer 4×4 rooftent adventures worldwide, with a loyalty program to turn clients into professional trailblazers.

founders idrive4x4

At iDrive4x4, our destinations are hand-picked for their vast expanses of untainted and diverse nature. Our mission is to show the beauty of countries all over the world to its customers in an authentic and responsible way. We offer top-quality 4×4 cars equipped with the best rooftop tents and all camping equipment installed and prepared by their service centres.


Clients can explore the countries independently with the same high level reliable company’s guidance and local support all over the world.


We focus on responsible business practices and give back to the countries and their people. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to providing authentic and enjoyable experiences, while ensuring that the countries we operate in remain beautiful and sustainable for future generations.

rob idrive4x4

Rob van Klingeren

Chief Expeditions, Dubai

Peter idrive4x4 new

Peter Scholten

Chief Explorer, Netherlands

Barbara Smits

Adventure Specialist, Netherlands

Marije Torensma

Adventure Specialist, Netherlands

Yvonne Prou

Yvonne Prou

Adventure Specialist, France

Linda Ris

Marketing Manager, Netherlands

Immanuel Willington

Service Center, Muscat

Ibrahim Thekkumpurath

Local Partner, Muscat

Giorgi Sidamonidze

Local Partner, Georgia

Vlad Kozdrovich

Local Partner, Kyrgyzstan

Chris idrive4x4

Chris Benard

Local Partner, Kenya



We do not compromise on the safety of our customers. Our tours, guides, cars, rental equipment and more have all been designed with safety as an indisputable priority.



The experience is the best if you can actively explore the countries. Our aim is to give you this opportunity through the right equipment and assistance.



We are an official company (BV) registered in the Netherlands with an office in Dubai and service center in Oman, a member of VVKR and GGTO. We guarantee the quality of our products and services.


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