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Discover the iDrive4x4 Loyalty Program

Your Adventure Deserves Rewards!


We are excited to introduce the iDrive4x4 Loyalty Program. This program is especially for our loyal adventurers. It is our way to say thank you to the ones who keep coming back for more adventures!


We invite you to join our Loyalty Program and explore more countries until you reach our final TRAILBLAZER level!

Self-drive rental 4x4 Kyrgyzstan by iDrive4x4


rooftent oman self drive

pioneer idrive4x4 loyalty program
After one adventure with us, enjoy a 15% discount on your next trip.


Adventurer idrive4x4 loyalty program
After two unforgettable adventures, level up to a 20% discount.


Trailblazer idrive4x4 Loyalty program

With three incredible adventures done, you receive a 25% discount.

Easy Discount Application


Applying your Loyalty Program discounts is hassle-free. Simply book your next adventure on our website, use the same email address, and enter your respective coupon code during checkout. The discount will be applied by us on the second payment, ensuring you get the savings you deserve.


Please note that Loyalty Program discounts are applicable only to the rental of rooftop tent and camping equipment.

river 4x4 idrive4x4 oman

How to Join our Loyalty Program

Becoming a member of the iDrive4x4 Loyalty Program is easy. Here’s how:

1. Start Your Adventure

Begin by experiencing the thrill of our 4×4 rooftop tent exploration on any of our exciting journeys.

2. Automatic Enrollment

After your first adventure with us, we automatically enroll you in the program.

3. Earn Rewards

As you continue on more adventures, you’ll progress through the loyalty levels and unlock greater discounts.

4. Enjoy Exclusive Savings

Use your coupon code during the booking process to enjoy exclusive discounts on your future adventures.