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About Our Service Centers

What is the Service Center?

We have service centers in Georgia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan and Oman. The iDrive4x4 Service Centers are just outside the city. Here we prepare all our rental cars. We carefully store all our camping and kitchen equipment, off-road extras and rooftop tents here to keep them at high quality.

At our Service Centers, our staff examines and cleans all equipment before we hand them over to the client. They thoroughly check all equipment, replace all electronics with new batteries and empty gas canisters with new ones. This service makes the iDrive4x4 Service Center the perfect solution for delivering high-quality products for every single booking.

service center idrive4x4 car

How Does It Work

service center

When a rental order arrives at the service center, we make a client checklist. We check all the requirements with the sales team. Then the service center team makes sure all the equipment and tents are in the right condition. After checking the equipment, they put the rooftop tent onto the 4×4 car. The camping and kitchen sets are made to fit the needs of the client, and placed in the car. A final check is done to ensure that our customers have all the items and in the right quantities.

If you realize on the day your roadtrip begins, that you forgot to add something to your order. Just give our sales team a call and we’ll be happy to add it to the vehicle. You can even drive by once your trip has begun, given the proximity of the service center to the airport.

Why do we have the Service Center?


Every order is prepared and double checked by our team to ensure you have everything you need for your expedition.


Our products are always evaluated for quality before they’re put in the car, so you don’t need to worry about any broken products.


Our team is always there to add or bring you anything your may have forgotten on your order. You have extra flexibility for last minute extras.