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Salalah Waterfall 4x4 rental with roof tent

Best time to visit Salalah by 4×4

What is the best time to visit Salalah by 4×4?

In short, there are two seasons that are perfect for visiting Salalah in Oman while driving our 4×4 with rooftop tent: the Summer and Winter seasons.

The winter season is an obvious choice. During this time of year, the temperature in the Middle East is pleasant and mild. From October onwards, temperatures drop and by December the mercury has dropped to around 25 degrees Celsius.

Salalah, however, is very different from the rest of the Middle East. In fact, it is so different that traveling to Salalah during the summer season is actually your best choice! Unlike the extremely hot weather in the rest of Oman from July to September, Salalah in the Dhofar region has cool and refreshing weather thanks to the Khareef season. This makes it the perfect place for a 4×4 adventure with rooftop tent camping. Have a look at our 4×4 with rooftent rentals here.

Camels in Salalah Oman


What is Khareef season?

Salalah is known for its awe-inspiring greenery and oasis in the monsoon season – referred to as Khareef. While you may want to avoid monsoons on other trips, if you’re planning a trip to Salalah, you should give it a try. Lush greenery, the aromas of incense trees in absolute bloom, and glorious waterfalls will just awaken your soul as you are surrounded by the refreshing mist on high mountain peaks.

Monsoon, of course, also means rain. So if you choose to travel to Salalah in the Khareef season, expect some light drizzle during most of the days. You will also have to deal with light fog (the rain has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it). However, we have a large Gazebo in our 4×4 + Rooftop Tent packages, which will keep you dry when it rains. And for the temperature you don’t have to skip the trip to Salalah either. 25 to 30 degrees…. It’s perfect!

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What do I get in return for the drizzle?

What do you get in return, you ask? Well, where shall we start!

The Khareef season in Salalah is really something special. The rains transform the dry and brown land into a lush and bright green oasis. So wherever you go, you will find waterfalls, green hills and mountains, magical wadis and very festive vibes. Khareef season also means that the locals go out to celebrate the rains. Because of the rains, they are blessed with super fertile lands, so they celebrate this during the Khareef festivals!

salalah 4x4 rooftop tent


What to visit in Salalah by 4×4 during the Khareef season?


Visit waterfalls. There are actually so many in the area, you can’t miss them. But if you have to choose a few, at least consider one of the following:

  • Wadi Darbat
  • Ayn Khor
  • Gogob Waterfall
  • Ayn Athum


Although you may not go to the beach to work on your tan in Khareef season, a visit to the beaches is a good idea for sure. Salalah’s coastline is known for its rugged cliffs and rocky sea fronts with roaring blowholes. But also for its picture-perfect beaches. It is this combination that makes a visit to the beaches of Salalah very interesting. Try to visit:

  • Al Mughsayl Beach
  • Al Fazayeh beach

Salalah beach 4x4 rental with roof tent


Local markets

This is where you meet the local Omani people. There are many markets around and you should try to visit at least one of them during your trip. You can expect local artwork, fresh produce but also live stock to be for sale. And during Khareef season you will also run into local festivals being organised at these markets. So celebrate the blessing rains with the locals!

Drink fresh coconut milk

A local favorite: drinking coconut water straight from a fresh coconut. There are stalls all over Salalah with vendors selling these refreshing drinks. You should definitely stop and try one!

When do I need to book my 4×4 with rooftop tent?

We can only give you one tip here: be quick. Hotels sell out quickly. However, if you want to drive around in a 4×4 with a rooftop tent, you have to rent one from Muscat. For a fee we can also deliver the car with rooftop tent to Salalah from Muscat. So we can help you create your ideal Khareef 4×4 holiday. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


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