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Covid-19 regulations of Oman & iDrive 4×4 Policy

COVID-19 Regulations in Oman & iDrive 4×4 Policy


Since the regulations around Covid-19 change on a regular basis, please check the website below to find out about the most recent updates about travel restrictions.

Cancellation policy

At iDrive 4×4 we understand the sensitivities for traveling during the Corona outbreak and therefore we offer our clients a flexible approach.

  • With a negative travel advise from your origin country or in the case that Oman does not allow tourists in the country you can possibly claim the reservation amount from your Travel Insurance and cancel the booking with us.
  • If your travel insurance does not cover the costs of the cancellation of your trip, you can reschedule your trip free of charge.
  • Our cancellation policy: The traveler can cancel the agreement at any time before the start date of the trip. The traveler will be charged the following cancellation fees:
  • Up to 56 days before departure: 20%
  • 55-22 days prior to departure: 50
  • 21-7 days prior to departure: 75%
  • 0-6 days prior to departure: 100%
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