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India Visa Information

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Before planning your trip, it’s essential to be aware of the visa requirements for entering India. Visitors from various European countries, as well as certain Asian and American nations, can obtain an eVisa via the India eVisa Application System. This Electronic Travel Authorization is mandatory for entry into the country.


To apply online, fill out the application, upload a photo of yourself and your passport, and pay the fees (around US$10 to $25). You will receive your Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) via email.

Please note:

  • the height and width of the photo must be equal
  • You should not wear any glasses on the photo
  • The photo should have a light/white background


To ensure a smooth travel experience, apply for your Electronic Travel Authorization well in advance. The application process may be intricate, so we recommend submitting your request as early as possible, but at least three weeks before your intended departure date.


Please note that boarding your flight at the departure airport will be denied if you cannot show a valid eVisa. India does not offer visa-on-arrival services at airports, so you must have your eVisa beforehand.