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Mighty mountain ranges, bright colored deserts and an interesting culture: Kyrgyzstan is the perfect destination for your self-drive holiday. iDrive 4×4 provides you with your 4×4 & camping equipment in Kyrgyzstan, so you can explore all corners of this spectacular country. You can also join one of our guided 4×4 expeditions for the ultimate guided off-road experience.


In Kyrgyzstan you can set up your tent in each desired location: wild camping is fully legal here! So find yourself the most beautiful spot in the surroundings and enjoy a fabulous sunset over one of the great lakes, mountain ranges or desert plains. The perfect Kyrgyzstan 4×4 holiday!


During your self-drive 4×4 holiday you can explore all corners of this country. You can also add Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan to your holiday plans. This way you are allowed to drive your 4×4 throughout a large part of central Asia. So check those countries of your travel bucket list!

Map of Kyrgyzstan

Currently we don’t have any planned 4×4 expeditions in Kyrgyzstan. However, you can always rent a 4×4 with rooftent for your own self-drive holiday! Click here for all options