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9 Day Contrasts of Kyrgyzstan 4×4 Expedition

Lead by an experienced guide who will navigate from the lead car, you and your co-driver will drive in a convoy in a 4×4, completely stocked with camping equipment. In 9 days you will explore some of the most amazing landscapes of Kyrgyzstan!


The car will be equipped with a walkie-talkie, compressor for tire inflation, deflator, tire pressure gauge and towing line. Through the duration of your trip you will cover 2,100 kilometers on rocky terrain, deserts and steep unpaved mountain paths.


The driving is possible regardless of experience, as our guide will help from years of experience driving off-road. We setup camp each night in a picturesque location and food will be prepared for you daily by our cook. 

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Price from €1.890 per person.
See ‘price’ section for pricing scheme.



€2.090 p.p. 2 persons sharing
€1.990 p.p. 3 persons sharing
€1.890 p.p. 4 persons sharing
€   750 p.p. children 6 – 12 years
€1.000 single supplement


All adults (21+) with a valid drivers license can drive the car during the expedition.

Pick & Drop Off


Wild Camping Locations

Mountains, desert & beach

Day 1: Friday

Arrival in Bishkek. As your flight will arrive early in the morning we will first drive to the hotel to have some rest. After a relaxing breakfast in the hotel, we will have a short briefing. Your guide will tell you all about the trip ahead, how to handle your 4x4 car and do's and don'ts. Then heading to the Ala-Archa nature Park for a hike. The mountains will bring you a good acclimatisation and you can also have a walk to the waterfall. We will have a picnic and after that we will return to the hotel to have a rest. Dinner in a local restaurant where we will get acquainted with Kyrgyz culture and cuisine.


Day 2: Saturday

Right after breakfast in the hotel, we will pack our cars.

Our expedition starts towards the eastern part of the country with a drive to the most beautiful high-mountain lake: Issyk-Kul Lake. On our way we will visit the archaeological complex-Burana Tower.

We will have lunch in the city of Cholpon-Ata, located on the shore of the lake. Issyk-Kul is the pride of the country. It is located at an altitude of almost 2000 meters and is surrounded by snowy mountain ranges. We will drive all the way to the Northern coast and will reach our tent camp by the evening. It is located in one of the most beautiful mountain gorges: Jety-Oguz gorge (which means 7 bulls) Once we’ve set up camp we will enjoy a delicious dinner.


Day 3: Sunday

Today we start with breakfast at the camp, after which we will take a short walk along the gorge and climb to the vantage point. Then we will start our way along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake.

After that we will pass the most amazing place in the mountainous region of the country: "Skazka". These canyons are formed millions of years ago by the forces of nature. The elements drew fanciful patterns on the slopes, creating magic sculptures out of red rocks. This amazing attraction received the name "Skazka" (Fairy tale).

We will continue our way along the shore of Issyk-Kul towards the village of Kochkorka. There we will have lunch and pay a visit to a small private ethnographic Museum. Then our road will pass through the Jumgal Valley among the Tien Shan mountains.

The camp will be set up on the Bank of one of the most picturesque rivers in Kyrgyzstan: The Kekemeren River, where we will also enjoy dinner.


Day 4: Monday

For sure the morning will bring us the most beautiful colors of the banks of The Kekemeren River which we can enjoy during breakfast.

Our tour continues and will drive a part of the way through a narrow gorge between mountain slopes and fast mountain river. We will stop to drink tea and watch an authentic folklore show, arranged for rare tourists by the locals in the village of Kyzyl-OI.

We continue our journey and we will get to the high-altitude Susamyr Valley. We will also cross a couple of mountain passes and go down to another valley: The Valley of Toktogul Reservoir. You will have the feeling of being on another planet. Just imagine a huge blue lake filling a yellow-green space. Rugged sandy beaches create an atmosphere of surreality.

The beach is where we will spend the night. We promise you a starry sky covered with myriads of stars. We will have a delicious dinner with fish that we will catch ourselves. An evening bonfire will add romance to the moment and will be remembered for a long time.


Day 5: Tuesday

We start with breakfast on the beach, after which we take the only road connecting the South and North of the country called The Great Kyrgyz Road.

At the beginning of our journey, we will drive along the serpentine Bank of the Naryn River, which looks more like a long lake, stretched out like a ribbon among the rocky mountains. Later we will go to the Ferghana valley; every piece of land here is given to agriculture. This makes a vast contrast to what we have seen the previous days. We will encounter small villages more often along the way as well.

We will stop at the ancient city of Uzgen and walk to the Minaret. At the very beginning of our trip, we visited the Burana tower, and the Uzgen Minaret is its twin brother. It used to be the capital of the Karakhanid Khanate just like the city of Balasagun. The historical Silk Road passed through Uzgen. Even now Uzgen is famous for its fruits and rice.

After a short walk through the historical part of the city, we will continue our journey through the South of Kyrgyzstan and reach the city of Osh. We will stay in a hotel tonight. In the evening, we plan to climb the sacred mountain Suleiman-Too, which stands right in the middle of the city. The sunset over the ancient city is a must-see!


Day 6: Wednesday

After breakfast at the hotel we will head to Mars. This is not a joke. The place that we plan to visit is very similar in its landscapes to the red planet. It is located in the Batken region. This is the most south-western part of the country.

The name of the place where we will go today is the Rovat Desert. It is the bottom of an ancient ocean, strewn with rocks and ancient fossils. There are no roads here, only the direction and colorful slides. But of course we achieve to see all the beauty this place has to offer.

We will spend the night in tents in a poplar grove, which has grown like an oasis here thanks to a small spring called Madygen.


Day 7: Thursday

Getting up early will offer us first morning sun rays. This is a magical moment where everything around you changes into stunning colors at different angles of the rising sun. In the shade you will see the usual gray-yellow-red mountains, and when the sunlight finally falls on them a variety of shades, from purple to bright orange surprises us.

The whole day is devoted to the overland experience in the Ravat Desert, where we will be able to admire amazing formations and walk along the canyons, collecting ancient seashells. You will certainly like this off road part turning into a real Safari. And in the evening we will return to our tent camp.


Day 8: Friday

Early in the morning we will drive back to the city of Osh- this will only be a relocation, as we need to catch a plane by the evening in order to fly to Bishkek.

This is the end of your sensational journey through Kyrgyzstan. We will enjoy dinner and stay in a hotel in Bishkek.


Day 9: Saturday

We will have breakfast at the hotel and spend this day in Bishkek exchanging impressions and preparing to go home.

It’s up to you: departure to the airport to catch your flight or if you wish, you can extend your stay in Bishkek for one more night. (not included, but we can help you book your accommodation)
Accommodation: Hotel in Bishkek and Osh. Camping in nature.

Car rental, fuel and camping gear

Support car with all the necessary equipment

Mechanic- instructor

English speaking guide

Meals 3 times a day according to the program

Route preparation including off-road part

Sightseeing tours and active programs according to the program

Flight from Osh to Bishkek
Flights to and from Bishkek

  Early check in/late check out from the hotel

  Travel insurance

  Nutrition not indicated in the program

  Additional program and services

  Strong drinks

  Personal expenses/ tips
Travel documents (passport, drivers licence, insurance) and cash money for personal expenses

  Clothing for all weather conditions, swimwear, water and walking shoes and towels. In the mountain temperatures can drop significantly during the night

  Music speakers, sun glasses, chargers

  Medicine, toiletries, hand sanitizer, sunscreen
This is a 9-day trip: 3 hotel nights Bishkek and Osh, 5 camp nights, 6 days (off-road) driving.

  Time for travel is from April to June and October to November.

  You fly into Bishkek on Friday and arrive back in Bishkek the next Friday as per your itinerary.  At the end of the trip 1 hotel night with breakfast in Bishkek is also included in the price.

  The program starts on Saturday morning from your hotel in Bishkek and ends on Saturday morning in the same hotel. You can decide whether you would like to stay at the hotel, continue your trip another way or take your flight back home. We can assist you with your further plans.

  Through the duration of your trip, you will cover 2.100 kilometers in 6 days, on- and off road, on mountain roads and in the desert. Self driving in 4x4 vehicles. Driving is possible regardless of experience, as our guide will help from years of experience driving off-road. 

  Please be aware that some of the campsites are in wild nature. There will not always be toilets available. Toilet paper, wetties, tissues will be provided in the cars. Also bring your own toilet accessories.

  At the camp-sites a cook will prepare all meals. Guests are welcome to assist the cook; however, this is not required.

  During the trip non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea will be included and provided during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased and carried on the trip.
We reserve the right to change the itinerary and the mode of transport/cancel the trip, according to weather or road conditions, or circumstances beyond our control.
  • For operating a 4×4 car, drivers must present a valid driver‘s license.
  • The minimum age for drivers this tour is 21 years.
  • The rate is per person and is based on 2 persons sharing a room
  • The duration of the tours may vary according to weather and road conditions.
  • The route and camp sites could be changed during the trip when cars are delayed for example in the desert.
Map 9 day kyrgyzstan 4x4 self drive expedition

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