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Learn How to Drive a 4X4 Before You Go!

How to Drive a 4×4: Book our 4×4 Driving Course in Belgium


Welcome to the world of off-road adventure with iDrive4x4! We now offer adrenaline-pumping 4×4 driving courses in Belgium, in collaboration with our local partner. The course is great if you are not sure about driving a 4×4 and want to get to know all the tricks and tips.

Our very own iDrive4x4 colleagues, Barbara and Rob, recently went on this exciting journey to Belgium to experience the 4×4 day course firsthand. Let’s hear Barbara’s unforgettable experience:

learn how to drive 4x4 course

The Morning Kickoff of the 4×4 Driving Course

“As we arrived in the morning, we were greeted with a warm cup of coffee and a tasty snack before diving into a brief safety explanation – our top priority. Soon, we were behind the wheel, navigating through various off-road trails with expert guidance at each stop. Confidence in our navigation and controlled driving were key takeaways from the morning session.”

Thrilling 4×4 Afternoon Adventures

“After a short lunch break, we tackled more challenging 4×4 trails in the afternoon. What seemed scary at first turned out to be a thrilling adventure as we pushed our limits and gained confidence in our driving skills.”

Teamwork and Confidence

“One of the highlights of the 4×4 driving course was directing each other outside the car, where clear instructions and proper positioning were crucial for safety. By the end of the day, I felt ready to conquer any obstacle with my new skills! I’m looking forward to my next 4×4 adventure in either Georgia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan or Oman with rooftop tent”

Course Overview

Here’s how the daily schedule of the 4×4 course looks like:

10:15 am-10:25 am: Arrival and refreshments

10:30 am: Safety briefing

10:45 am: Off-road driving session with expert guidance

Around 1:00 pm: Lunch break (approximately 30 minutes)

Around 2:00 pm: Exploration of steep descents and off-road routes to enhance skills.

Day concludes around 4:30-5:00 pm

How to book your 4×4 course

When booking your rooftop tent adventure online, you can add the 4×4 course to your basket. You can choose the amount of persons you like to drive with . If you have non-driving passengers, make sure to mention this after your booking and we will add their lunch expenses to the invoice. If you have any questions regarding your rooftop tent adventure or 4×4 course, feel free to contact us!