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Rent 4×4 & Camping Equipment in Salalah – Oman

Be bold: travel to Salalah in a 4×4 with rooftop tent this summer!


Especially for the summer period in Oman, we move a part of our Toyota Landcruiser fleet to the much cooler and green Salalah region. This way you can travel in Oman, even during the summer time! Our specially designed Salalah summer packages provide you with everything you need for your Salalah self-drive holiday. A premium Toyota Landcruiser with a family rooftop tent and extra gazebo ensures your comfort during your adventure. 


Do you want to know more about travelling to Salalah during the Khareef season in Summer? Read all about it in our blog here. 


Choose your travel dates, pick the package of your choice from the selection below and add it to your basket. You will be shown the rental costs and we will send you a personal email with your official quote. This way your Salalah adventure can start without any hassle.

Salalah beach 4x4 rental with roof tent

Select your travel dates



Salalah 4×4 Summer Packages

A Toyota Landcruiser fitted with our biggest and most comfortable roof tent. The car comes fully stocked with all the essential camping equipment, based on the number of travellers in your group. We’ve also added a large gazebo, to provide you shelter for some tropical raindrops. 

Pick-up / drop-off location Salalah

Pick-up / drop-off location Muscat

Additional Extra’s

Customize your 4×4 package by adding any of the following items. If you can’t find your preferred item in the list below, check our BYOE page or feel free to contact us. 

Camels in Salalah Oman

About Salalah


Most areas in the Middle East are way to hot to travel during the summer months. But not Salalah! Salalah in fact is the only destination in the Middle East you can travel to during the summer months. 


Due to the mountain ranges surrounding Salalah, this area is blessed by a monsoon season that provides rain that completely transforms the nature. Lush and green mountains, fresh wadi’s and waterfalls aplenty can be expected! The rain also cools the area, making it around a fabulous 30 degrees.


Located in the far south of the country, Salalah is about 1,000km removed from the capital Muscat. This makes for the complete different climate. However, Salalah still has all the little pearls Oman has to offer. Stunning beaches, rough mountain ranges and sandy deserts. Salalah has it all for you to explore!

Why iDrive4x4?


Hire your 4×4 at iDrive4x4 for personalised service from Dutch travel experts. Our Adventure Specialists are ready 7 days a week to answer all of your questions and help you plan your 4×4 selfdrive holiday to Oman. Our team can communicate with you in several languages, including Dutch, English and French.


We offer unparalleled European service, with our own ‘feet on the ground’ in Muscat, Oman. This means that we have actual team members located in Oman. We also have our own service centre, allowing us to offer you nothing but the best service. So benefit from our local knowledge with European standards. This is why iDrive4x4 offers the best 4×4 rental in Oman!


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