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Book your 4×4 Self-Drive Rooftop Tent Adventure in Kenya

Book your 4×4 self-drive rooftop tent adventure with iDrive4x4. Our adventure packages come with all the essentials you need to camp and explore. Check out our complete packing and equipment list within the booking items below or visit our Packing and Equipment page for more details.

Just follow these easy steps to book your 4×4 Self-Drive Rooftop Tent Adventure in Kenya:

1. Select your travel dates and country
2. Add the products you want to your shopping cart
3. Check out through the shopping cart
Fill in the requested information

5. Pay the 20% down payment with your preferred payment method

1. Select your Travel Dates and Country

2. Add your 4×4 Kenya Rooftop Tent Bundle to your Shopping Cart

For your convenience we have created a variety of complete 4×4 adventure rooftop tent camping bundles for 2-5 persons. Each bundle includes a 4×4 vehicle with rooftop tent (and an additional groundtent for a larger group) complete with sleeping bags, bedsheets, pillows, campset, chairs etc.

3. Choose and add your 4×4 Kenya Route to your Basket

We have carefully hand-picked these 4×4 routes. Besides the highlights of Kenya via amazing 4×4 roads, they provide you campsites with safe and secure spots for rooftop tent camping. Our campsites are selected to protect you from any encounters with wildlife or unwanted visitors, thanks to the security measures in place. Please select the 4×4 route(s) for your rooftop tent adventure in Kenya and add it to your basket.

4. Add your Kenya Extras & Services

Customize your 4×4 rooftop tent bundle by adding any of the following items


5. Check out and Pay

When you check out you will pay a 20% down payment with your preferred payment method. After you complete your payment, you will receive an order confirmation by email and WhatsApp. For the remaining payment you will receive an email with a payment link before the due date.

The day after your booking you will receive a welcome email with pre-travel information, GPS files, and or routes if you ordered them.

Your Payment and Booking is Safe with us

Your booking is secure and protected via GGTO guarantee fund. The GGTO Guarantee Fund guarantees travellers who have booked with one of the affiliated tour operators that they will receive a refund of the already paid part of the travel sum if the tour operator becomes financially insolvent and cannot carry out the trip properly for that reason. This can be before departure, but also during the trip.

In addition, the GGTO Guarantee Fund guarantees your return journey during your stay if the tour operator is no longer able to arrange this due to financial insolvency.

All payments to iDrive4x4 are processed via Stripe, a globally trusted and secure payment system. Stripe supports payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, iDeal Paypal, Alipay, Apple Wallet and more.


Not ready to book yet?

Do you need more information before booking your 4×4 rooftop tent adventure in Kenya? Contact our team of Adventure Specialists who are ready to assist you with any queries you may have!