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Terms & Conditions Kenya

At iDrive4x4, we are passionate about providing you with unforgettable self-drive 4×4 adventures with rooftop tents. We also know how important it is to clearly explain the terms and conditions. If you have any questions regarding our terms & conditions, please contact us.

About your Car Rental and Insurance

Service delivery rental car & equipment

All camping and off-road rental equipment will be installed and loaded in the rental car. Every order is prepared and double checked by our team to ensure you have everything you need for your expedition. The 4×4 car and all equipment will be delivered to you in our lodge in Karen neighbourhood or at our depot in Karen.

Car rent conditions

The car rent includes unlimited milage. The client must be over 23 years of age with a valid driving license. For drivers < 23 and 65 > year a higher excess payable applies.

A pre-authorization of USD 400 will be made by the Rental Company on the driver’s credit card as security for traffic fines and excess liability of the insurance.

Car Insurance Conditions

All rental cars are provided with an insurance cover within the geographical area of Kenya. In case of any accident or damage an Excess Payment of USD 400 is applicable. 

About your Travel

Travel insurance

Our car insurance is included with the rental. For your own safety, we strongly advise you to have a personal travel and medical insurance for the duration of the rental period. For a worry-free journey, we recommend SafetyWing insurance, that has trusted travel and medical coverage.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Medical: Enjoy coverage up to $250,000 for accidents and illnesses with a $250 deductible. It includes ambulance services, emergency medical evacuation, and dental treatment.
  • Travel: Coverage extends to travel contingencies, covering trip interruption, lost luggage, and personal liability.

Explore with peace of mind and protect yourself from unexpected expenses. Get a Quote and make your 4×4 rooftop tent adventure worry-free.

Travel Documents

For the duration of the trip the traveler must be in the possession of the travel documents necessary for the trip such as passport; drivers license; visa; vaccination passport.

If a traveler will be driving a vehicle during the trip the traveler must be in the possession of the correct driver’s license for this vehicle category. In Kenya an international driving license is required.

Driving Skills

Driving in Kenya requires a valid driver’s license, either from your home country or an international driving permit. There is no specific requirement for the amount of driving experience or distance driven, but it’s always recommendable to have some experience and knowledge of driving in different terrains and road conditions, especially if you’re planning to explore the country off the beaten track. It’s important to comply with the local traffic laws and regulations, and to always drive safely.

Participation at Own Risk

Participation in off-road driving is completely at the traveler’s own risk. Because the traveler is responsible for (the consequences of) their own driving, the traveler should not take any roads or obstacles that the traveler does not feel comfortable or safe with.

Weather Conditions and Natural Forces

As all over the world, the weather can be unpredictable. In the areas the iDrive 4×4 is operating, the weather plays an important factor in the experience. The weather may force you to drive an alternative path, adapt the program, or in the event of a bad weather forecast, end the trip early. In the last case, the travelers will be consulted. Natural forces, such as, but not limited to: floods; earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions, may strongly influence the trip.

About your Payment


After the creation of the agreement, the down payment of 20 % of the travel sum needs to be paid in order to reserve the car and equipment. The remainder of the travel sum has to be paid no later than 6 weeks before the start date of the trip.


The Guarantee Fund GGTO guarantees travellers who have booked through one of the affiliated tour operators that they will be reimbursed the prepaid part of the travel cost. This is if the tour operator suffers financial insolvency as a result of which the trip cannot take place. This is valid before departure as well as during the trip.

The tour operator charges each traveller a client contribution of €9,00 per person travelling for this guarantee scheme.


iDrive 4×4 is affiliated with the Vereniging van Kleinschalige Resiorganisaties (VvKR). VvKR secures the general interests of small, often specialized travel operators. Together with VvKR we combine our forces and share our expertise to ensure security and satisfaction for both the travel organization and the traveller.



All payments to iDrive4x4 are processed via Stripe, a globally trusted and secure payment system. Stripe supports payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, iDeal Paypal, Alipay, Apple Wallet and more.