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Stay Safe: The Importance of Travel and Medical Insurance

Going on thrilling 4×4 rooftent adventures to remote mountain locations, safari parks, and off-road tracks is exciting. But being prepared for the unexpected is crucial. While renting a 4×4 with rooftent, we have your car insurance covered. But for your own health, safety and comfort you will need travel and medical insurance. For any of your adventures with us, we consider a travel insurance crucial.

We have partnered with SafetyWing to make it easier for you to book your travel and medical insurance before going on the road! Below we have outlined a few scenarios that you could experience where you would need a health or medical insurance.

Meet Our Adventure Seekers

Scenario 1: Unexpected Accidents

Meet Mark: Mark is a seasoned adventure enthusiast. He’s driving on a challenging route, and then goes for a hike in rough terrain. He then faces an unexpected accident and requires immediate medical care and transportation. SafetyWing‘s medical coverage ensures that a helicopter is being dispatched to retrieve Mark from his remote location. He receives medically necessary treatment and is being evacuated to the nearest high quality hospital. SafetyWing provides the help and support he needs during his adventures.

Scenario 2: Coping with Sudden Illness

Introducing the Hoffman family: The Hoffmans loves exploring the outdoors. With two young children, a 4×4 adventure with rooftent is the perfect holiday. While driving through a safari park in Kenya, Kirsten, their 8 year old daughter gets a high fever and needs immediate attention. SafetyWings medical coverage is their safety net, covering expenses for medically necessary treatment at the nearby hospital and ensuring access to emergency care when she needs it most. Thus, immediate care kept her safe from an escalation with unforeseen health issues. If you are travelling with children, one child older than 14 days, but less than 10 years old, per adult, is included in the insurance without added cost.

Scenario 3: Luggage Theft

Say Hello to Emily and Tom: Emily and Tom are traveling in Kyrgyzstan. When they return to her vehicle after a nice hike, they find their car broken into and their laptop and iPad stolen. Their car insurance covers vehicle damage, but their SafetyWing add-on insurance covers their loss of electronic equipment.

Any of these scenarios could happen during your adventure. That’s why we are happy that we can offer SafetyWing insurance. Check out our special widget here and see how much travel insurance would cost you for your iDrive4x4 adventure. For more information you can also go to our Terms and Conditions page.


Or get a quote through their website.

What Your SafetyWing Insurance Includes

Medical Coverage:

    • Max Limit: $250,000
    • Ambulance and emergency transportation
    • Emergency medical evacuation
    • Emergency dental treatment

Travel Coverage:

              • Trip interruption due to unforeseen events in your home country
              • Unplanned overnight stay
              • Lost checked luggage
              • Accommodation in case of natural disasters
              • Evacuation due to local political unrest
              • Personal liability
              • Arrangement for your body (burial or repatriation of remains)
              • Cash payout to your beneficiary in the event of accidental death


Before making a purchase or embarking on your journey, it is crucial to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions outlined in your insurance policy documents. These documents provide essential information about coverage, exclusions, and claim procedures. It is the responsibility of the policyholder to review these details carefully to ensure they align with their specific needs and expectations.  Safe travels!