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Terms & Conditions Oman

Rental terms

Service delivery rental car & equipment

All camping and off-road rental equipment will be installed and loaded in the rental car by the iDrive Service Center in Muscat. Every order is prepared and double checked by our team to ensure you have everything you need for your expedition. The 4×4 car and all equipment will be delivered to your hotel or at the airport as per your booking by our rental car partner.

Car Rent Conditions

Cars rented with iDrive 4×4 in Oman are provided by our partner rental car companies in Oman. The car rent in Oman is an agreement between the individual client and the rental company booked via iDrive 4×4 BV.

Travel insurance

The client is obligated to obtain a personal travel and accident insurance for the duration of the rental period. The Client is fully liable for damage to the vehicles rented to him insofar as caused during the rental period and not covered by the (insurance of the) lessor, or the insurance of a third party that caused the damage.

Car rent conditions

The car rent includes 250 km allowance per day. Additional mileage a will be charged on the client’s credit card.The client must be over 21 years of age with a valid driving license. For drivers < 25 year a higher excess payable applies.


A pre-authorization of OMR 150 will be made by the Rental Company on the driver’s credit card as security for traffic fines and additional mileage.

Car Insurance Conditions

All rental cars are provided with a Comprehensive Standard Insurance Cover within the geographical area of The Sultanate of Oman. In case of any accident or damage an Excess Payment of OMR 75 is applicable. 

Download full version Rental Conditions

Travel Conditions

For journeys carried out by iDrive 4×4, the general travel conditions apply. Below is a summary of the most important conditions.

Travel Documents

For the duration of the trip the traveler must be in the possession of the travel documents necessary for the trip such as passport; drivers license; visa; vaccination passport.

If a traveler will be driving a vehicle during the trip the traveler must be in the possession of the correct driver’s license for this vehicle category. In Oman a valid driving license from your home country is sufficient. An international driving license is not required

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Travelers that join an expedition or rent a 4×4 car are obligated to obtain a travel and accident insurance for the duration of the trip. We also strongly recommend a cancellation and luggage insurance.


After the creation of the agreement, and within 14 days after receiving the deposit invoice, the down payment of 20 % of the travel sum needs to have been paid. The remainder of the travel sum has to be paid no later than 6 weeks before the start date of the trip.

Download full Travel Conditions (PDF)

Participation in Expeditions

Driving Skills

The traveler that will be driving a vehicle needs to have a valid driving license and a minimum of 5 years or 100.000 km of driving experience, with preference on mountain or off-road terrain. iDrive 4×4 advises travelers without off-road experience to partake in a 1-day introduction course 4×4 Off- Road driving at one of its business partners.

Requirements for travelers Off-Road Expeditions

The travelers need to have the physical fitness to complete the off-road expeditions without any health risks. When in doubt about the expected heaviness of the trip, the traveler will inform iDrive 4×4 in advance.

Participation at Own Risk

Participation in the off-road expedition is completely at the traveler’s own risk. Because the traveler is responsible for (the consequences of) their own driving, the traveler will not be forced to take any roads or obstacles that the traveler does not feel comfortable or safe with.

Weather Conditions and Natural Forces

Trips organized by iDrive 4×4 are planned with care and take place in the most favorable season. However the weather is unpredictable. In the areas the trips from iDrive 4×4 are organized the weather plays an important factor in the experience. The weather may force iDrive 4×4 to drive an alternative path, adapt the program, or in the event of a bad weather forecast, end the trip early. In the last case, the travelers will be consulted. Natural forces, such as, but not limited to: floods; earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions, may strongly influence the trip.



The Guarantee Fund GGTO guarantees travelers who have booked through one of the affiliated tour operators that they will be reimbursed the prepaid part of the travel cost if the tour operator suffers financial insolvency as a result of which the trip cannot take place. This is valid before departure as well as during the trip.

The acronym GGTO stands for Garantiefonds voor Gespecialiseerde Touroperators (Guarantee Fund for Specialist Tour Operators). The affiliated tour operators work independently and are specialist direct sellers. They sell their trips directly to their clients without intermediaries. Furthermore, they are officially registered in the Netherlands. The Guarantee Fund GGTO was established in January 2012 and now offers guarantees to the customers of 347 specialist tour operators. Before booking your trip check whether the tour operator is affiliated to the Guarantee Fund GGTO. All participating tour operators are listed on the page Affiliated Tour Operators.

The tour operator charges each traveler a client contribution of €15 per booking for this guarantee scheme. These contributions are paid to the GGTO enabling the guarantee fund to be built up and maintained.



iDrive 4×4 is affiliated with the Vereniging van Kleinschalige Resiorganisaties (VvKR). VvKR secures the general interests of small, often specialized travel operators. Together with VvKR we combine our forces and share our expertise to ensure security and satisfaction for both the travel organization and the traveller.