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Georgia is the perfect destination for your 4×4 self-drive holiday with rooftent. 



From the cosmopolitan capital Tbilisi you discover the natural and cultural highlights of the country. Explore steep mountain trails in the Svaneti region and Kazbeki National Park, delve into history at the Church of the Holy Trinity, taste wine at one of the many great wineries and be amazed by the reflections of the mountain lakes. This is only the beginning of what awaits you. Georgia deserves to be at the top of your travel bucket list!


Best time to travel to georgia

best time to travel to Georgia temperatures and rainfall

The best time to travel to Georgia is between April and September. During these months you avoid the cold temperatures and heavy rainfall. If you want to avoid the hottest months, travel during April, May and September


Depending on your itinerary, you can rent your 4×4 and camping equipment with iDrive4x4 year round. We can help you suggest routes that suit your travel period. 


Travel in Georgia can be considered as very safe. The local people are welcoming you with open arms, making it a very pleasant experience. 


It is clear that there are some best practices for travelling through Georgia. Since Georgia shares a border with Russia, there are certain border areas that can not be entered. These areas are clearly marked on the maps and we recommend avoiding them in your travel plans. Other than that there are no further travel restrictions to Georgia. 


Besides that, we receive many questions about the current situation in Ukraine and the related security in Georgia. There are no additional safety concerns in Georgia, except that you need to be ‘street smart’ as you should be in any other country. Make sure you check for the latest updates from your government. 

How to get around?

There is only one way you get to see all the highlights and hidden gems: travel to Georgia in a 4×4 with rooftent!


You need a strong, reliable car to take you on the unpaved tracks and rocky mountain roads. Our 4×4 cars are build to take you wherever you want to go! They are fully equipped with all the essential camping equipment and rooftop tent, so you can set up camp wherever you want to. 


If you rent a 4×4 with rooftent with iDrive4x4, we deliver to car to wherever you are: your hotel, the airport or any other location in Tbilisi. Our Adventure Specialists help you with planning the ideal itinerary. Check out the available options below, or visit our dedicated rental page


Suggested route for a 10 day trip

10 day trip for your travel to Georgia

We recommend you to plan a trip of around 10 days, to see most of the must-see locations of Georgia. This is an example of a 10 day trip, visiting some of the highlights of the country.


  • Kutaisi
  • Batumi
  • Svaneti
  • Ushguli
  • Zugdidi
  • Kakheti Region




Select the dates for your travel to Georgia

Unlimited Mileage
Unlimited Mileage
Insurance Included
Insurance Included
2 Drivers Included
2 Drivers Included
Rooftent & Equipment Included
Rooftent & Equipment Included
Personal Service
Personal Service
GPS Routes Available
GPS Routes Available


Join our guests on their Rooftent Adventure in Georgia. In this video you will see how they set up their rooftent for wild camping in a beautiful meadow, along the shores of a river and next to a medieval village. This is the perfect inspiration for your own self-drive holiday in Georgia!