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Travel To Kenya by 4×4 with rooftent

The perfect 4×4 rooftent self-drive holiday in Kenya

Discover the best 4×4 adventure in Kenya with our rooftent self-drive holiday! Kenya is full of amazing surprises, from beautiful landscapes to stunning beaches. Set up your 4×4 with a rooftent at our selected campsites, drive along our discovered routes and get ready for a close-up with Kenya’s incredible wildlife. See elephants and lions in action, taste local food, and enjoy the colorful culture. Don’t miss the breathtaking sunsets each day. Kenya is the perfect place for an unforgettable 4×4 rooftent experience!

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Best time to travel by 4×4 rooftent in Kenya

Nairobi – Average Temperatures

Month Min. Max. Avg.
January 14 27 20
February 14 28 21
March 15 28 22
April 15 26 21
May 15 25 20
June 13 24 18
July 12 23 18
August 12 24 18
September 13 26 19
October 14 27 21
November 15 25 20
December 15 25 20

Kenya’s climate is different from coast to highlands. It has tropical humidity on the coast, dry heat in the savanna or semi-arid areas, and cool air in the highlands. Temperatures in these places are consistent throughout the year. With an average of 27°C along the coast, 21°C to 27°C in the hinterland, and 19°C to 24°C in Nairobi and the highlands over 1,500 meters.

Safari Seasons

If you’re planning to go on a 4×4 rooftent safari in Kenya, it’s important to consider the different safari seasons. This way you can ensure that you have the best possible 4×4 rooftent camping experience.

Long Rains Season – April/May

The ‘long rains’ fall during a ten-week period in April and May, which makes it the wettest time of the year. It’s best to avoid to travel in this season. Heavy rainfall can make travel difficult, and many lodges and campsites are closed.

Short Rains Season – November/December

The ‘short rains’ fall over a five-week period in most sections of the country between November and December. It’s a brief and strong tropical rainfall that primarily occurs late in the afternoon and evenings. This season can be a good time to travel on a self-drive 4×4 with rooftent. You can see baby animals and migratory birds!

Shoulder Season – June, January, February, and March

The rains have finished for the most part during these months, although some light showers are still possible. The nights can be cool at altitude, but the days are warm and sunny. This season is a good time to travel with a 4×4, as the weather is pleasant, and there are fewer tourists.

High (Dry) Season – July, August, September, and October

During this season, the weather is dry and sunny, making it the perfect time to spot wildlife in their natural habitat by 4×4 with rooftent.


Kenyan hospitality

Travelling by 4×4 with rooftent in Kenya is safe, and the locals are known for their warm hospitality. You’ll be welcomed with a cup of chai tea and fresh fruits, and the locals will be happy to share their knowledge of the area and suggest hidden gems to explore.

By choosing one of our 4×4 self guided routes, you can enjoy a safe and unforgettable 4×4 rooftent adventure in Kenya. Our 4×4 routes guide you to the best campsites and guide you along safe and fun routes throughout the country! And of course we have well-maintained and fully equipped vehicles to ensure that your journey is both comfortable and secure.

Kenya offroad Elephant iDrive4x4

How to get around?

safari rooftent 4x4 rental kenya

There is only one way you get to see all the highlights and hidden gems: travel Kenya in a 4×4 with rooftent!


You need a strong, reliable 4×4 car to take you on the unpaved tracks, rocky mountain roads, beaches and desert. Our 4×4 cars are fully equipped with all the essential camping equipment and rooftent. We offer two self-guided routes in Kenya. These routes will guide you to the most amazing attractions and ensure your safety with designated campsites along the way.


You can choose to stay in one of our partner hotels in the charming neighbourhood of Karen, Nairobi, both before and after your 4×4 rooftent rental adventure in Kenya. Karen is known for its safety, green surroundings, and an array of appealing shops, cafes, and restaurants. Conveniently located in Karen, our service center houses our 4×4 cars and rooftop tents. We’ll ensure the delivery and pickup of the vehicle take place in this area.


Our Adventure Specialists will help you with planning the ideal 4×4 rooftent itinerary to Kenya.


Drive the Kilimanjaro Coastal Route or the Rift Valley Route

Get ready to embark on an amazing rooftent adventure in Kenya with two exciting 4×4 routes to choose from: the Rift Valley route and the Kilimanjaro and Coastal route. Driving either one of these 4×4 routes will make your trip absolutely unforgettable! You can pick the route that suits you best by adding the Route Manual plus GPS package to your cart. It’ll be your trusty guide, ensuring you never miss a beat along the way.


We’ve carefully hand-picked these routes. Besides the highlights of Kenya via amazing 4×4 roads, they provide you campsites with safe and secure spots for rooftent camping. Our campsites are selected to protect you from any encounters with wildlife or unwanted visitors, thanks to the security measures in place.You have the freedom to take things at your own pace and explore these 4×4 routes at your leisure.


Explore the stunning landscapes and wildlife of Kenya!

As you travel through Kenya in a 4×4 car with rooftent camping, there are several must-see highlights that you won’t want to miss:

Explore Maasai Mara National Reserve

Known for its abundant wildlife, including the “Big Five” (elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and buffalos), Maasai Mara is a must-visit destination for any 4×4 adventure enthusiast. Drive through the park and set up camp to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Famous for its flamingo population and diverse birdlife, Lake Nakuru is another top wildlife destination in Kenya. You can also spot rhinos, giraffes, and baboons while driving through the park.

Take a scenic drive on the Great Rift Valley

This 4,000-mile-long geological formation runs through Kenya and offers stunning views of the landscape. Drive along the winding roads and take in the beautiful vistas from the comfort of your 4×4.

Camp at Hell’s Gate National Park

This park is named after its towering cliffs and gorges, and is a great place to set up camp and explore on foot. You can also drive through the park and admire the stunning rock formations and wildlife.

Drive to Mount Longonot

This dormant volcano offers a challenging drive to the top, but the views of the Great Rift Valley from the summit are well worth it. Set up camp at the base and take a day to tackle this scenic drive.

Visit Tsavo East National Park

As one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya, Tsavo East offers a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, lions, zebras, and hippos. Drive through the park and set up camp to fully experience the natural surroundings.


Join our guests on their 4×4 rooftent holiday adventure in Kenya. In this video you will see how they explore Kenya’s National Parks, encounter wildlife and set up their 4×4 with rooftent in one of the camping areas. This is the perfect inspiration for your own self-drive holiday in Kenya!