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FAQ Kyrgyzstan

Do you have a question about a 4×4 Rooftop tent adventure in Kyrgyzstan?

Please check out the information below. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and provided thorough answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kyrgyzstan 4×4 driving & vehicle questions

When you are in the mountains, we advise you to never drive alone off the beaten track. There are clearly marked roads that will take you to your destination. Please follow those and don't take any interesting side tracks as these roads might be not suitable for cars but could be meant for sheep herds and cows.
You don’t need to know anything about 4x4 off-road driving before going on a 4x4 adventure. You will get an instruction before taking off. There are also practicalities like deflating your tires. We provide all of this information, but you will have a much smoother trip if you either know about this already or look into it beforehand.
We require you to present an International Driving Permit (IDP).
There is no kilometer limit per day.
In the event of an insurance incident, a 300 USD deductible fee is withheld from the Lessee. In the event that the driver has damaged the rented car so that it cannot be repaired, the deductible fee is 15% of the car's value. The cost of the car is listed in the rental agreement. The cost that the insurance company reimburses to another participant of the road incident is 10,000 USD (third party liability) For more information, have a look at our Terms and Conditions:
AWD drives the entire wheels all time whereas 4WD uses a driver selectable system that mechanically engages the drive to all four wheels. 4WD has direct mechanical link between front and rear axles which can be locked. Normally the drivers are advised to engage the 4 WD mode (H4)on slippery /sandy surfaces and to get more traction use the low 4WD (L4).
It would be helpful to engage 4 WD (H4 - can shift in low speed) while climbing the mountains roads, or on uneven muddy roads.

Kyrgyzstan equipment & camping questions

Yes, of course! If you make the booking with iDrive 4x4, we will firstly send you all the practical information. For routes and campsites we recommend you to buy the Kyrgyzstan off-road book combined with our GPS routes, which has approximately 30 programmed routes and campsites that are described in the book in detail.
It will work well in places where humans live, but reception is not always good in remote areas (mountains and remote areas between towns).
No, the ice can be bought at supermarkets, gas stations, and other shops in Kyrgyzstan.
In our kitchen set we always provide a gas lighter to light the gas stove which you use to ignite a fire. Firewood can be bought at most supermarkets in Kyrgyzstan.
Rooftop tent COUPLE - Suitable for 2 adults Inside the tent: L x W 200 x 140. Height 70.5/112.5 cm Groundtent - Suitable for 2 adults Inside the tent: L x W: 205x 160. Height: 110 cm

Kyrgyzstan payment questions

When you receive our invoice click on the payment link and easy and safe pay via our provider Stripe with your preferred payment method (creditcard, debet card, iDeal, bank transfers and many others)
The GGTO offers travelers the guarantee that they will be recompensed any monies paid out on trips and, as necessary, their return fares will be reimbursed, in the event that the concerned tour operator, affiliated to the GGTO, declares financial insolvency. This can mean before departure, but also during the trip. Moreover, the Guarantee Fund GGTO underwrites your return trip for the length of your stay if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, can no longer take responsibility for this. Every package holiday dealer is legally required to provide a guarantee scheme such as this one (Civil Code 7 Article 7:512).
The price will not change much with regards to one more or less person. If you decide to travel 6 days instead of 5, we are able to supply a lower daily rate however.
Service charge includes: - Installation of crossbars for the carriage of the rooftop tent - Installation of rooftop tent - Loading and cleaning of all camping equipment in the car - Cleaning cost of all camping equipment, rooftop tent and car - Delivery and Drop Off of the car & equipment in Bishkek iDrive4x4 Depot
The maximum amount of drivers that are insured on a car is two, and is included in the price.
The administration cost is the surcharge depending on the payment method used.
No, unfortunately it is not possible to pay in Kyrgyzstan. Only our Service Center is located there.

Kyrgyzstan general questions

Car pick up between 9:00-18:00 at the below pick up points. Airport transfers can happen outside of office hours. You can indicate this during checkout.   Pick Up Points:
  • iDrive4x4 Depot Bishkek City
  Airport transfers for pick up options:
  • Bishkek Airport drive to iDrive4x4 Depot (30 minutes)
  Car Drop Off is between 9-18:00 at the designated drop off points. Airport transfers can happen outside of office hours. Drop off points:
  • iDrive4x4 Depot Bishkek City
  Airport transfers for drop off options:
  • Bishkek iDrive4x4 Depot drive to Bishkek Airport (30 minutes)
Read all about Kyrgyzstan visa regulations on our 'Kyrgyzstan Visa Information' page.
When you book your adventure with us, the car insurance will be included. For Kyrgyzstan there is an excess of 400 dollars. This means that if anything happens to the car, you will have to pay 400 dollars first, then the insurance pays the rest. Check our terms and conditions for more information. For your own health and safety, we strongly advise you a travel and medical insurance. We work together with Safetywing, where you can book an insurance easily online. Read here in our blog why a travel insurance is something you really need to have for adventures like this.