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The perfect rooftent self-drive holiday in Oman. 



Oman is one of those destinations you can only dream off. The diversity of the country goes beyond your wildest expectations! Explore the endless sand dunes of the Wahiba Sands and Sugar Dunes deserts and take a dive in one of the many crystal clear wadi’s to rinse of the dust. Enjoy scrumptious dates together with some real Arabic coffee and watch camel caravans walk by. As you pick the the perfect location to pitch your rooftent, please don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular sunset… Oman is amazing! 

Map of Oman with flag


Best time to travel to Oman

Climate Muscat region
Climate Muscat region
Climate Salalah region
Climate Salalah region

Travel in summer or winter?

The best time to travel to Oman depends on your travel plans. Most highlights of the country can be found in and around the Muscat region. So in general we say the best months to travel to Oman are between October and April. 


The Salalah region can basically be visited year round, however it is most unique to visit during July, August and September. As this is the monsoon season (also known as the Khareef season), the entire region will be transformed into a lush green oasis with waterfalls flowing all around. If you want to combine both regions, travel during the months you can travel around Muscat, otherwise it will be too hot to camp in that region. 


Prepare for different conditions

As Oman is a country with a very contrasting landscapes (from deserts to mountains), the weather conditions can be completely different depending on the area you travel to. It can get quite cold in higher altitude areas, whereas it will be extremely hot in the desert the same time!


So the best time to travel to Oman depends on your itinerary as well. You can rent your 4×4 and camping equipment with iDrive4x4 year round. We can help you suggest routes that suit your travel period. 


Omani hospitality

Travelling in Oman is very safe. The locals will invite you for a cup of tea with fresh dates and will help you to find the hidden gems in the area. 


Travel in the desert

However, you should be very careful in the remote desert areas. You never want to go into the desert with your car just by yourself! If you get stuck or have car trouble (very rare but it can happen), it will be very difficult to find someone to help you. Therefore, we recommend that you go into the desert with at least 2, or preferably 3 cars. Also make sure you rent a recovery kit to get your car out if you get stuck.


Guiding service

If you travel with one car only, we can arrange for a guide with his own vehicle to accompany you in the desert. That way you can still enjoy the extraordinary desert experience!

How to get around?

How to get around Oman

Travel in a 4×4 with rooftent

There is only one way you get to see all the highlights and hidden gems: travel to Oman in a 4×4 with rooftent!


You need a strong, reliable car to take you on the unpaved tracks, rocky mountain roads beaches and desert. Our premium 4×4 cars are build to take you wherever you want to go! They are fully equipped with all the essential camping equipment and rooftop tent, so you can set up camp wherever you want to. This gives you optimal flexibility when travelling in Oman. 


Adventure with service

If you rent a 4×4 with rooftent in Oman with iDrive4x4, we deliver the vehicle to you. Whether it’s at your hotel or the moment you arrive at the airport: it’s up to you! Our Adventure Specialists will help you with planning the ideal itinerary to Oman. Check out the available options below, or visit our dedicated rental page


Suggested route for a 7 day trip

Route suggestion 4x4 tour Oman

We recommend you to plan a trip of at least 7 days, to see many of the highlights of Oman. This is an example of a 7 day trip, visiting some of the must-see areas:


  • Wadi Bani AWF
  • Jebel Shams
  • Balcony walk
  • Misfat Al Abriyyin
  • Wahiba Sands (2 cars minimum)
  • Wadi Shams
  • Wadi Aribiyyin


Please note: you need to have at least two, but preferably 3 cars in your group to enter the desert.


Do you need a Visa for Oman?

Citizens of most countries will enjoy a visa-free entry to Oman. This means you do NOT have to apply for a visa online, prior to your arrival. Go to our special information page about visa requirements for more information.


Select the dates for your travel to Oman

200km per day included
200km per day included
Insurance Included
Insurance Included
1 Driver Included
1 Driver Included
Rooftent & Equipment Included
Rooftent & Equipment Included
Personal Service
Personal Service
GPS Routes Available
GPS Routes Available


Wadi Shab Oman

Swim in a crystal clear wadi

You can’t travel to Oman and not swim in a wadi, as there is nothing nicer than taking a refreshing plunge in Wadi Shab, Wadi Shams or Wadi Bani. Some of the wadi’s can be relatively crowded, especially during local holidays, so it pays of to do a little bit of research. However, there are many hidden wadi’s that you will have mostly to yourself!


Hike the Balcony Walk

Wadi Ghul, the Grand Canyon of Oman, is a not to miss destination when you travel to Oman. The unparalleled views from Jebal Shams (the highest peak of Oman) take you all the way across the hundreds of metres deep canyon, stretching through the Al Hajar mountain range. The Balcony Walk takes you around the canyon, walking over natural rock ‘balconies’. At the end you will also be treated by a hidden pool : )


Eat dates and drink Arabic coffee with the locals

The Omani locals are known for their hospitality. It is therefore not surprising if they invite you over for a cup of real Arabic coffee or tea, accompanied with true local delicacies like dates. This is your best opportunity to really immerse yourself in the local culture!


Explore the deep sand of the desert

Oman is home to many sensational deserts, with the Wahiba Sands & Sugar Dunes being the most famous and beautiful ones. It is a truly unique experience to experience the sound of silence of the desert. Enjoy intense orange sunsets and glide over the dunes on a sand board. It’s is spectacular all around! However, you need to be with at least 2 or preferably 3 4×4 cars to safely enter the desert. We also recommend you only enter the desert when you have previous 4×4 driving experience. If you travel just by yourself or don’t have the recommended experience, let us organise a professional guide for you. Check out your option on our activities page


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Join our guests on their Rooftent Adventure in Oman. In this video you will see how they explore the endless sand dunes of the Wahiba Sands and Sugar Dunes deserts, go sandboarding and take a dive in one of the many crystal clear wadi’s to rinse of the dust.